Our lives are changing each day to continue to adjust to the virus pandemic.  Click here for vaccine information and to keep up to date with how our practice is responding to continue to provide excellent care to our patients.  

Founded in 1981, New Providence Internal Medicine Associates is an Internal Medicine Group Practice committed to providing you excellent, comprehensive care. We provide routine care such as physicals and general screening evaluations, acute care for illness, and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.


By focusing on the whole person, not just a diagnosis, we strive to collaborate with you to meet your individual needs.  Our goal is to provide the most effective preventive care, early diagnosis, and state of the art treatments if needed.

We are a “Patient Centered Medical Home.”  What this means is that we have been certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance and have met the highest standards as a Patient Centered Medical Home.  The certification demonstrates that we pro-actively care for our patients, anticipate the needs of our patients, and manage all health related issues in a comprehensive way with a team approach.

For more information about Medical Homes, please go to: Patient Centered Medical Home


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