Covid 19/Coronavirus Updates

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Our practice: 

  • We have been doing regular office visits and tele-visits since late March.  We appreciate your patience and flexibility in letting us care for you in person and remotely.  

  • We are seeing routine visits such as physicals, blood pressure and diabetes visits, etc.  Visits for acute illness and infections will be determined on a case by case basis. 


What will be different: ​

  • All patients, staff, and providers will wear a mask

  • We ask you to call us from your car once you park at the office.  We will call you back when we are ready to see you.  (Let us know if you do not have a cell phone, and alternate arrangements will be made).  

  • No waiting in the waiting room

    • Virtual check-in​: you will get a call from our receptionist to confirm insurance, etc. 

    • Nursing pre-visit check-in: you will get a call from our clinical staff to review the reason for the visit, list of medications, refills needed, etc. 

    • Virtual check-out: you will get a call from our receptionist to schedule the next visit.  

  • Stay posted for more details​

What will be the same:

  • High quality, personalized, comprehensive care by a compassionate team devoted to your health.  


Practice Newsletter: ​

Other Important Links

View the following videos to see how our office is adapting to the pandemic: 

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